Otalgia; learn all about its causes and control of earwax.

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Otalgia, are they due to Colds or Infection?

Otalgia can be due to ear wax or its infection.

Causes of Infection

If you have a cold the throat passage which is connected to the middle ear gets blocked. Thus sinus fluid cannot get drained. In this accumulated fluid bacteria bacteria grows very easily thus causing infection.

The cure in such cases involves antibiotic treatment as recommended by doctors. Use of pain relievers and applying heat to the infected ear helps relieve the pain.

Other Methods to tackle and relieve the Pain.

Wax also known as cerumin, is a waxy material that is produced by sebaceous glands. It acts as a self-cleaning material for the ear. It is supposed to lubricate, clean and protect the ear lining; it traps dirt and expels water in.

The wax is antibacterial and slightly acidic. Without wax, the skin inside your ear would become dry, cracked, infected or waterlogged and sore.

This wax can be wet or dry and hard or soft. Soft wax is more common in children. Hard wax can cause problems. This wax is golden in color and flaky.

Excessive wax accumulation can cause ear otalgia. Consult a doctor in case of excessive pain.

Home Methods of Removing Wax

To clean the ears, wash the external ear with a cloth, but do not insert anything into the ear canal. Home treatment of wax removal is quite simple and responsive.

Most cases of wax blockage respond to home treatments used to soften wax. You can try inserting a few drops of glycerin, a mineral oil, baby oil or commercial drops in the ear. A few drops of either Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide help in the removal of wax.

If the above does not help try antibiotics treatment. Normally amoxicillin is recommended as the first line treatment. This is usually prescribed for 7 - 10 days. Near about 10% of children do not normally respond within the first 48-72 hours of treatment, and antibiotic therapy may have to be changed. Even after antibiotic treatment, 40% of children are left with some fluid in the middle ear which can cause temporary hearing loss lasting for up to 3 to 6 weeks. In most children, this fluid eventually disappears on its own. Ceftriaxone (50mg/kg/d) injection is recommended for children that cannot take oral antibiotics; three days of this antibiotic is usually more effective than a single injection.

Instant Relief from Ear Pain without Antibiotics Pills

14 August 2013.
I had suddenly developed ear pain in the left ear. Not much relief was obtained with consumption of antibiotics etc. Then I searched the internet and found the following; it worked wonderfully. If you or any member in your family or friends gets ear problem, follow the below 4-5 times a day to get instant relief:-

Hold the ear lobe between your thumb and fore finger. Pull it straight down and then stright up. This drains any infectious fluid collected in the ear. You can get rid of any infection within 24 hours. Click Here to see full video

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